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Author Date 2018-11-12

The last month has seen a massive uptake on new members for Storm FM with a great range of new shows for you to get stuck into, but what if you fancy yourself behind the mic?

Well our new presenter Alun Humphreys has documented his experience so far giving you the perfect example of what to expect from starting your own show with Storm FM.

My Experiences on Hosting My Own Radio Show!

I am currently hosting my own radio show with the student society, Storm FM and I am enjoying every minute of it!

When deciding that I wanted to do journalism, I knew I needed to get more experience, one of my options was to host a radio show. I knew that the student radio station, Storm FM was my opportunity to do this radio show and it has been currently running for the past four weeks and, I don't plan to stop it.

Before I could have my show, I needed to decide three things. What my show is about, what it is should be called and my timeslot. I knew that I liked films/television and music, I thought I could talk about films for the first half of the show and music for the second half. Looking at scores for movies/tv shows was also suggested. Ultimately, I decided, I would concentrate on music and for the first half of the show would be playing songs from a specific band or artist that I enjoy. The second half of the show would dedicate to looking at artists that have similar sounds or fans. For example, my first show consisted of Linkin Park, for the main band. Sum 41, Three Days Grace and Skillet were who I looked at for the second half.

Read the full article over on Alun's Blog 

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