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Tech Teams Tech Talk

Featuring all the latest tech news out there in the world.. with a special twist with several segments of the show including:

  • Tech This Week - discussing what technology developments that have happened over this week!
  • Gaming News - what the latest is out there with gaming technology.

Bizarre Tech - This segment of the show is where each week, the presenters Tom or Kieran will have to come up with a piece of tech and discuss it to the other person to see if it's real or not! The presenter for that week will discuss it, imagine it, ask questions and weigh up the options to decide if it's real or not! 

The person by the end of semester who guesses the most correctly wins, the other presenter will have to do a  forfeit! - any forfeit suggestions? Let us know and email in at

We then move on to the last segment of the show which is titled App Wars.. this is where each presenter has an app, we discuss about them both and we then decide what the winner will be for that week based of usability, durability and how worthy it is to a day-to-day basis.

Join in for Tech Teams Tech Talk with Tom and Kieran, Sundays at 5PM.

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