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AuthorAndy Smith Date 2017-11-13

We are one of the last remaining student radio stations still broadcasting on FM, and this is something we are extremely proud of.

Unfortunately though, due to cuts which are hitting universities across the country, our ability to remain broadcasting on FM is now greatly under threat.

Our aim is to raise enough money to be able to pay our FM licensing fees and remove our current debts so we can stay broadcasting. In order to achieve this by the end of the university year we aim to raise £1,000.

So what does this mean in the long term?

This money would mean we can retain our FM licence, and therefore our status as one of only 3 UK universities that still broadcast on FM.

This would also mean that students in future years won't have to face the debt which we have had to this year. We will aim at funding improvements to the studio, purchasing equipment and tools which would help our fund raising efforts immensely.

How Can You Help?

We've setup a crowdfunding account with JustGiving.com in an effort to raise the fund needed. You can find the page using the link below...


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